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Our Story

We at Tropical Farm Market & Meats take pride in everything we represent; our founder, Bill Bains, had a pretty simple philosophy “if you’re not willing to put in on your plate then don’t sell it”. And we have kept true to this statement since we first opened our doors in 1996.

We started out as a single independent store located in North Delta, British Columbia. After a few years of establishing ourselves amongst the community as a preferred fresh produce and fresh meat vendor we decided to expand. We ended up opening 3 more stores in B.C.; however we quickly came to realize that this wasn’t the greatest of ideas. We quickly found out that stretching our family resources out too far in a small amount of time can leave you vulnerable for mistakes. We noticed we started leaving the family owned and operated business model which we had stuck by for so long and started to rely on others for management. In return we noticed quality of products and services started to slip away from us because we were so beaten with everything else that was coming alongside with the business expansion.


So we decided to return to our roots and focus on our flagship location which still resides in North Delta. As a result we have occurred tremendous success with all our family’s resources focused on one location, we were able to bring back the family owned and operated business model. With so many great minds in one location we were able to surge the quality of our products and services. Being family owned and operated, you can assure yourself that you’re getting the best of your shopping experience.

Local Commitment

At Tropical Farm Market & Meats we feel we owe a little back to the community, after all you did help our business grow ever since we first opened our doors in 1996.


And that means a lot to us, so we’ve made a commitment to our community in return. Whether it is local sporting events or fundraisers you can count on us to be there to support you with your occasion. We take pride in everything we do, because we essentially do it for you the community. And we love to see help other that help us. That’s why we also make it an intuitive to source our products from as many local suppliers and growers as possible. Not only does that mean you get a better quality product but also and better value.

Buying local for us means that we don’t have to pay for huge shipping costs and other incurring costs that come alongside from buying abroad. This in return equals a lower buying price for you as a customer. Shopping local can have many benefits and we're all about keeping it local.

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