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Our Butcher Shop

Wow, Nice, Beautiful are a few of the comments we hear when people walk into our store and come see our gourmet meat counter.

You’ll be in awe and shock as to how many products we carry in our meat department. With only 20 foot of counter were amazed ourselves to how big of a selection we have. It sure keeps our master meat cutters busy. With a combined total experience of 70 years and counting our meat cutters are sure to create your next meal an exceptional one.

Our beef line is an extensive one with everything from fresh in house ground beef daily to all your favorite steak cuts such as: ribeye, striploin, T-bone, prime rib, top sirloin and fillet mignon. We have everything in between to lean cut beef stew meat to roasts of all types and sizes.Majority of our beef is from Alberta and is aged a minimum of 28 days. Our ground beef is from the Fraser Valley and is ground in house with our meat grinder daily. We also carry imported grass-fed beef for those looking for an alternative to the grain fed beef. Imported beef is brought in from Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Chile, and Denmark. We recently also started a free range lineup, with beef which is raised without the use of growth hormones and antibiotics.

Our pork is second to none coming in local from Chilliwack (Johnston’s)and is delivered to us 3 days a week insuring freshness and quality. We carry all your pork cuts and even custom cuts such as crown of pork roasts to a whole roasting suckling.  All the pork we receive is raised without growth hormones or animal by- products, after tasting our pork you’ll realize the difference. Our chicken selection is so big that it has its own counter basically!

All our chicken comes in local from the Fraser Valley (FarmFed) and are all free-run, which means that the chickens are allowed to roam free for a certain amount of time throughout the day instead of being caged up all day like utility or conventional chicken. All our chicken is delivered 6 days a week insuring freshness and a complete and efficient turnover rate.

We also carry fresh imported lamb, fresh/frozen fish and seafood and are able to bring in any other type of meats or meat cuts you can imagine.

We do all kinds of custom cutting as well as bringing in hard to find meats such as veal scaloppini or ostrich meat! We can get as creative and high end as you want or inexpensive as you like we can basically cater to all needs. Custom meat packs are also available ask our meat cutters for more information.

All our meat is cut in store daily as our marinades are made in house daily. We pride ourselves as having our meat department our flagship department in our store and we welcome you to see and experience it for yourself.

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