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Want to bring your restaurant’s food costs down while not sacrificing quality, well look no further. has been providing fine produce and meats to restaurants, catering companies and other food institutions since 1996.

Why are so many switching over to us as their preferred vendor? Well it’s pretty simple:

  • No bogus contracts

  • No delivery charges

  • No minimum orders

  • Quality products

  • Unique individualized service

  • Competitive rates

  • Flexible delivery dates

In nowadays rough economic times people are looking to cut their operating costs because of slower times, the only issue is they don’t want to lower their quality of product; well that’s where we come in.  So many have already benefitted from our services, our clients are always surprised to the amount of money they can save and how they don’t have to sacrifice food quality. Give us a call today at 604-596-0280, and we’ll have one of our sales reps come and sit down with you to discuss your needs.

Tropical Farm Market Wholesale, changing the way you buy.

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